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Water Heater Installation Prices

Water Heater Installed Today

Fully Inclusive Price

$1200 for 40 gallon water heater

$1300 for 50 gallon water heater

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These special prices include:

  • New water heater cost
  • Delivery of new water heater
  • Removal of old water heater
  • Installation of new water heater
  • All associated labor
  • Upgrade to flexible water line and gas line connects
  • Does not include components that may be required by code in your city, requested by you, or recommended by our technician from safety concerns: expansion tank, drip pan, ball valve, gas valve, vent upgrade, carbon monoxide alarm
  • Hauling away old water heater and disposing it by code

These are prices for basic installation. Most residential installations are basic. If we identify that the configuration of your water heater and connected plumbing requires services and parts at an additional cost, we will inform you before you make a decision to use our service.

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